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West County Soccer Registration Help

WELCOME TO WEST COUNTY SOCCER LEAGUE!  Please follow the following directions:

  • You will need to create an account if you are new to 3:23 Athletics. 
  • When creating an account, you create it using your ATHLETE's Name and begin with "I am an athlete" and fill in their information. They are athlete #1. If you only have one player, just then select "Save and Continue" and continue with the registration.  If your player is still in Pre-K, just select K as the grade.
  • If you are registering more than one player, continue adding siblings using the green plus "Add new member".  Classify them as SIBLING to Athlete #1 at This Athlete is my: relationship! Once all siblings are added, go to "Save and Continue".
  • To receive the sibling discount- all siblings must be added at the same time while creating the account.

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