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United Pathway

3rd & 7th)



Girard United is our developmental programming. Coaches will focus on improving each player where they are. Players improve faster if playing/training in a competitive environment that matches their current skill level. These teams will be enrolled in school-based leagues and tournaments. Players will build chemistry with teammates they can expect to play with for years to come.

Open to any player- regardless of school district!

Participation in this pathway provides players with the opportunity to grow as players and team members while requiring a lesser financial and time commitment level. This program provides competing in local games and developmental growth focusing on the fundamentals of soccer. The goal of the United pathway is to provide a soccer program where players can enjoy learning the love and skill of soccer and also, if desired, evolve into competitive players who can continually advance to a higher level of play.

Players who follow this pathway will normally receive 2 one-hour training sessions per week and participate in the 11-game grade school league at Erie Premier Sports.  For those players not enrolled in Girard School District and who may be ineligible to play, special game accommodations will be made.


This is a full season commitment. For players withdrawing early for reasons other than documented injury, an additional one-month dues will be applied.

Practice schedules will be released prior to the start of club.  Player Uniform information will arrive in a separate email at a later date.

Season: October 30th, 2023 - End of March 2024

Cost: $86/month & $50/registration fee

Uniform: 1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks (ETC = $70 + shipping cost)

GSC Player Responsibilities

All players expected to follow these 6 standards:

  1. Be dedicated to becoming the best soccer player that your physical talents allow you to be.
  2. Be willing to work very hard while enjoying yourself.
  3. Be coachable. Listen to and implement your coach’s instructions quickly and effectively. Ask questions of the coach if the instructions are unclear.
  4. Be an unselfish team player who puts the team’s needs first, before your own. Your team will be more successful if all the players play together.
  5. Be committed to practicing on your own to help develop your soccer abilities. Ask your coach for extra material that you can do on your own at home.
  6. Be available to mentor younger players.
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