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3:23 Outdoor Recreational Women’s League

League Info

Sunday Afternoons/Evenings

July 9th to August 27th

$395 per team

$350 per team if registered before.

$20 ref fee per team/per game cash.

6 regular season matches and play-offs for qualified teams.

Divisions & Brackets 

*Recreational and competitive but may be re-designated by registrations received 

League Rules

Must be 18 or older.  No current college soccer players.

6v6 (5 on-field, 1 goalkeeper)

2 x 25 min halves 

On-Field Rules to reflect the International Football Association Board (IFAB) Official Laws of the Game except for the exceptions listed below:

No Offside Rule unless a player is deemed to be consistently ‘cherry-picking’ by the referee. (player consistently stands in opponents penalty area regardless of the flow of play or ball position)

Throw-in restarts replaced with a kick-in from the sideline. This kick-in is indirect and must remain on the ground after it is kicked until it is touched by another player.

All free-kicks given to a team currently in their opponents’ half are in-direct.