Registration Help

1. Click the yellow register button.

2. Click confirm on the popup window (Select Only)

3. Click the "Create an Account" tab and fill out the fields making sure to use the athlete's name as noted, not the parent.

4. Fill out the Basic Information page. Click "Save & Continue".

5. On the Athlete Information page, confirm that the name you just signed up with is Athlete #1.

6. To add another athlete click Register in the "Register a new family member to the program" section below. Fill out athlete #2 and then continue for any others. Click "Save & Continue"

7. Fill out the More Information page. Click "Save & Continue".

8. Read and confirm the Waiver of Liability. Click "Save & Continue".

9. Securely upload a photo and/or Birth Certificate. You can choose to provide these offline later. Click "Save & Continue". (Select Only)

10. Choose to keep the default monthly payments, or you can choose to pay as many months upfront as you'd like. You must pay the registration fee and the first month at the time of registration. If we have provided you with a discount code you can enter it at this time. Confirm that everything is correct, type your name in the box for verification, and click "Save & Continue".

11. Securely pay with your credit card or bank account.